Doors Coffee Roastery

Coffee Stand in Kasagi Kyoto


This is a café where various ways to enjoy nature come together.
People, deliciousness, and gear that you'll want to try come together and make a town come alive.

We take pride in our specialty coffee beans which are carefully selected from farms around the world.
We want to bring out the unique flavors and aromas in the beans so we only use ones that are roasted in-house.

Forget about everyday concerns of convenience, efficiency, and cost performance, and have a drink under the blue sky.

Welcome to the doorway to your new self.

About us

Imagine yourself in your favorite outdoor scene, with freshly brewed coffee in hand, forgetting the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immersing yourself in nature. The moment is not experienced by everyone, and it will surely enrich your heart.

At Doors, you can enjoy 6 types of original coffee roasted by the in-house roaster. In addition, located only 2 minutes away from Kasagi Camp, we sell camping goods such as homemade smoked bacon and outdoor equipment, and we also rent out camping equipment.

Fresh and healthy coffee provided at Doors will promote communication among many outdoor users who intersect mainly in the town of Kasagi, and will serve as a gateway to discover new outdoor experiences.

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We offer high-quality products that are friendly to people and the environment,
mainly specialty coffee that is carefully selected from all over the world.


Committed products and services that start here

What can Doors offer to visitors and local people in a place that is rich in nature in southern Kyoto? We are always thinking seriously about things like this when providing products and services. Please look forward to the movement that will be created through coffee from here.

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Convenient 2-minute walk to the campsite

This is an outdoor equipment rental service that can be easily used not only by discerning campers, but also by touring riders and road racers who visit the area, and those who visit campsites by train. *We are planning to expand products gradually. Advance online reservation is required.

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Online Shop

Enjoy specialty coffee at home or at work

By using the online shop, you can enjoy specialty coffee provided by Doors at home. In addition, we will continue to offer items that make coffee more delicious as well as products that propose new experiences.

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