We opened Doors aiming to serve as a place for people from different generations or with hobbie and for various information to cross over with a cup of delicious coffee in hand. We believe that a cup of coffee can make for an extraordinary outdoor experience and unforgettable memory.

Natural, Delicious. The world that coffee connects is infinite.

Outdoor Gear

Doors sells a carefully selected lineup of products centered on Mt.SUMI, an outdoor manufacturer based in the Uji coal mine in Kyoto that promotes “spending time outdoors with fire.” We agree with Mt.SUMI's concept of "Hoping that people can be in tune with the earth, while surrounding the fire and appreciating nature," and we propose the outdoor life with coffee in our Doors way.

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Life Style

At Doors, we have a lineup of products from the brand "POST GENERAL" that provides new insight by reviewing the quality of what is there already and adding new elements and designs. It tastes especially delicious when the usual coffee is under the sky. In the same way, when you add new value to everyday life or work life, you can come across new ideas through work-cations because you can feel the luxury of reading in the forest.

It is hard to be in tune with the earth these days, so try to incorporate this new experience into your daily life. Along with high quality coffee, this experience can enrich and expand the mind.

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Disaster prevention

Disasters can suddenly change your normal life. For us living in Japan, where there are many natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, we cannot avoid it. The knowledge and tools for outdoors include the wisdom from our ancestors, and it is one of the the most important ways to prepare for disasters. Doors will continue to raise awareness of disaster preparation on a daily basis through outdoor life.

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